​For The Love Of The Game???

You are here on this site, reading this blog because in some capacity you love sports.  You may have 1 favorite team or 15 favorite teams, and you know what, it doesn’t matter.  We have a friend who just loves football.  His favorite team is whoever wins the Super Bowl and that’s ok too.  He just loves the sport and doesn’t need a team.  It may not be as romantic as being a Laker Fan, Celtics Fan, Cubs fan or a fan of any team, but its still sexy because its sports and he’s a fan.

What is the best sports story of all time?  Is it the Miracle on Ice?  Buster Douglas knocking out the freight train that was Mike Tyson?  Hank Gathers, just the story of LMU, what they did and who he was.  Bo Kimble finished the season shooting free throws left handed and continued to do so as a pro.

One of the most amazing sports stories that I have ever seen, and one that no one likes to talk about because of the righteous attitude of not talking about it because drugs are involved.  People forget they had teenage years, were a young adult and could conquer the world and would try anything once.  Get off your high horses and acknowledge what Doc Ellis did.  He dropped acid and not just a small dose but a grown ass man dose of LSD.  People in this day and age can’t walk and text much less bust out a no no while most likely seeing pink elephants flying by sorting coke through crazy straws, oh and the guys with bats staring him down not get a hit.  Yet it doesn’t get spoken about much.

I know these are all milestones, events that happened yesteryear.  Think about what we have been force-fed just over the past 18 months.  Seems like twice a week, ESPN shoots an alert, something new is going on with Johnny Manziel.  He is spotted somewhere drinking, trouble with the police, or maybe even a sex scandal.  You know what alert I don’t get from ESPN about him, I don’t get anything related to football.  Not how his workouts have looked, how great a football player he is/was or might be, just a reality TV show similar to catching up with the Kardashians.

Think of all the other headlines we have seen, and the other stories that have dominated our time.  Greg Hardy, the human filth.  He might be a African American football player but he is no more than white trash.  Other stories that took our time away from our families: Ray Rice and the domestic abuse, Adrian Peterson’s incident with his son.  How much time have we had to endure “deflate gate?”  This might be the dumbest story we all have ever seen.  You would think at this point Tom Brady laced the entire NFL’s food with ebola. Owners, players, scouts, cheerleaders everyone.  I mean this has been to the courts twice and is on its way again. No one even knows for sure he did this.  Its forced down our throats though.  Minnesota, Carolina and San Diego all did something similar but just got fines.  Lebron James “goes dark” on twitter, HGH all over the place and Josh Gordon cant take 2 and pass.

Now I love sports like I have said but I do not love all this bullshit.  You know what I do love.  Chris Singleton and his story.  Know it?  Some of you may but I get most of you don’t.  He’s a baseball player, Yankees are looking at him but he isn’t big time, not yet.  His story is more of one about family.  He didn’t beat anyone, he love his mom.  She was his best friend.  He played college at Charleston Southern, 7 miles away from where he lived so his mom could go see his games. On a Wednesday night while he was playing a road game.  His mom was at church, where she always was, as a ordained minister.  A man came in with a automatic weapon and just out of pure hate, killed 8 people in the church that night, his mom being one.  It’s a horrific story, one that can bring someone to their knees and make them want to quit.  Chris however didn’t go down a path, most people would have, hell that I would have. In one of his first public address, the day after the shooting, everyone expecting him to ask why, call for vengeance or just lash out.  He did none of those, he said that he forgives the shooter.  That is what his mom would have done, and there was no room for hate.  It became the mantra “No matter how much hate there is in the world, its no match for love.”  Why wasn’t this story on 24/7.  Where were the updating tweets on how he just wanted to make sure his siblings were going to be ok.  I didn’t get one, did you?  How his faith, and his mothers teachings were going to carry them through. Just checked my phone I don’t see that.  That is why I love sports.  I know its not just sports its humanity, its triumph and overcoming all the hardest odds you don’t think you can get through.  Its Warrick Dunn building 145 homes for single mothers.  I should have a tweet for every new house that goes up.  Let me see if I have one, nope but hey Johnny Manziel, you know the quarterback that started 5 games in his career is in a disguise in Vegas.  Good to know.  Charles Woodson gave $2 million dollars for a children’s hospital.  Pau Gasol stat line is 5 charities and 10 causes, almost all around children.  Unfortunately all we hear is Penn State and children not the work he is doing.

I know fundamentally this is how we are wired, but sometimes we eat what we are fed and that’s all we know to eat.  Let always go get the story that shows the worst in the athlete and not the best.  That’s not what I love about sports, why I watch, talk about and write about sports.  I hate that what we are shown is the worst, and I get it its not just sports.  You can’t watch the news for 15 minutes and not be depressed.  We wonder why the nation is on so much antidepressants, Ritalin, oxy, any upper to start the day and any downer to get some sleep.

Sports though, the best times are at the game when its just you and the action.  Game 7 of the western conference finals, Blazers at Lakers.  I was there with friends, I was devastated when the 4th quarter started. Lakers were getting killed, by the end of that quarter Kobe throws the alley oop to Shaq, they take the lead and I am on a natural high for days.  That’s the love story, those moments.  When we all can say we beat our arch rivals.  We say we because we love that team and should love Chris Singleton, Warrick Dunn and others who do more than they need to but there is no live tweeting of it.

This was more for me, I had to get this out, maybe you agree or maybe you have just been ok with it all. That none of this makes much of a difference.  Just think about this, if the family of Michael Brown took the attitude Chris Singleton did.  Ferguson would look entirely different, and when it was found out he attacked a cop and went after his gun.  People have to look back and know the rioting they did, as usual was for them only and not a protest over a cop that for no reason shot a teen.  So watch sports, love sports and root for your favorite team like it’s the last game they will ever play, because the major media is more inclined to update you on Johnny Manziel not Tim Tebow or your favorite team tomorrow when they send out their alerts.

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