Our Approach

A team of true sports fanatics who get total joy out of bringing a unique perspective to all of the games that we love. Also being able to make some money along the way never hurt.



So here we are, at the “about me” part of the program. I grew up on the baseball diamond, “my dad” played baseball for the Minnesota Twins. I played every sport you could imagine growing up and sucked at most of them. However it seemed i loved to watch or play them all.  After a couple of years of broadcasting school and a bunch of moving around, (once 10 times in a year) this is where I landed. Talking sports, blogging sports, or anything that comes to mind. Its perfect, a place where filters are taken off and Chaos is appreciated.



Originally from Indianapolis, I moved to Chicagoland six years ago.  Sports has consumed much of my life, and has always been a safe haven for me, or an escape from reality if you will.  I grew up an Indiana Pacers, and Indianapolis Colts fan, however my one true love has always been the Chicago Cubs.  My hope is to help bring enjoyment to others through the sports that I love, and maybe help you all win some cash along the way.

Our Line-up

Mike Click

Chris Koss