Dear Bryce Harper,

I feel that as a fanatic of what I consider to be the greatest sport there is, it is my duty to address a few issues that seem to have your pretty pink panties in a bunch.  I caught your clever post-game interview after the Braves game this week.  How many times you dropped the word “fun”, obviously knowing that everyone had just read the statement you made calling out the game of baseball.  Baseball: the game that is getting ready to reward your unbelievable talent more than it already has.  I mean lets face it, at 23 years old, making 7.5 million dollars, and getting ready to get megabucks after this season, it would only make sense that you’d say the game of Baseball is well, “you know…boring”.  A game that has been played for over 100 years and been referred to as “America’s game”.  When you mentioned “flair”, just how exactly do you want to express yourself?  Are you talking about that time you and Papelbon “expressed” yourselves last season?  If you want to express yourself, go get a job working at Chotchkie’s, where they encourage people to wear as many pieces of flair as possible (you know, like Brian).

Baseball has been a game that millions and millions of people played growing up, and everyone single one of those people dream of playing in Major League Baseball.  Just the thought of playing such an amazing game that so many people love to watch would be incredible.  I remember that poem as a kid, “Casey at the bat”.  Baseball….what an amazing game…

What’s truly amazing is that if you’re really good, you have the opportunity to make a really good living playing this amazing game.  I hear the really, really good players make money in the hundred millions (are you excited?  I mean you’ve legit earned every bit of it, you’re a household name).  $7.5 million is amazing to begin with, so I can’t imagine that being a “small” income compared to much much more than that.  Such an opportunity to have life long success…playing an amazing game.

What I’m getting at Mr. Harper, is that you should do something you truly love and love what you do.  If you want to express yourself in ways other than playing the game, and think you’ve got a good act, take a page out of Pat McAfee’s book and start an offseason standup bit.  But when you’re playing this game, maybe worry less about making a dramatic scene and focus more on playing with your heart; creating exciting drama through the game that we all want to watch and enjoy…because well, ya know…

No one cares about you wanting to show your flair and express yourself….we want to watch you continue to amaze us playing the game.

Sincerely yours,
Major League fans

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