It’s official, I’m done

Usually when I sit down to write a blog, I address it to someone or some group, and try to address an issue, or perhaps educate from my perspective on a topic of discussion.  However, today that is not the case.  Today this blog comes from pure emotion, and frustration at society, and what we have allowed ourselves to care about, and create news from.  It also addresses a very depressing reality, where although I’m going to say things that could be considered controversial, I’ll probably be labeled raciest, or insensitive by a large group of people (good news, I don’t care).

You see today I want to address the impact that the 24 hour news cycle has created on what is considered news.  For the record what sparked this article, was a “news” story that I read and heard about yesterday, when someone had their feelings hurt due to a comment that someone made, that was indirectly referencing him.  I’ll have another article addressing that individual, but for this piece we’ll call him ‘Mr. Carter’.

The news today is a joke.  We have replaced something that was a point of information that was important and informative, with nonsense.  If it’s not nonsense, it’s persuasive and designed to get you to buy into a narrative of opinion.  People today are more concerned with Hollywood actors and their relationships, pop culture stars making controversial comments, or Kanye West and his wife’s family.  This is a problem that everyone seems to continue to buy into.  Sure, I’m guilty of it too, during weird news every week I find the most obscure thing I can share with our audience, but it’s for entertainment purposes most of the time.

When you look at the scope of social media, where a very, very large portion of people get their “news” from Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, or whatever else is out there I’ve never heard of, that is very troubling.  Don’t get me wrong, I understand that the internet has been a huge information/communication vehicle that has allowed us to become much more informed, all of the time pretty much across the globe.  However, when you read articles on those same social media outlets that are 100% fabricated, and people believe in them without digging to make sure they have the facts, I think it’s safe to say we have a problem.  I blame this on a few things, mostly that people can’t seem to shut off and unplug today.  This has caused a serious need for distraction, and anyone who can get creative with a story is going to get “clicks”.

I want to get back to the topic though, because this isn’t about social media, this is about 24-hour news.  Having news all the time means finding things that people will follow and show interest in, not necessarily what’s important, but what is trendy.  Take for example the current situation in the Dakota’s; there are always 2 sides to every story but I don’t know half of even one side based on the lack of coverage.  There is a ton of back and forth that you have to dig for to find, but the media does very little to update a situation like that.  They’d rather let you know the latest Trump tweet, some heated debate on a satire show (Daily Show), or a country music singer slapping a fan during a concert (these are the current stories listed on CNN, that are apparently bigger news than the pipeline situation).  That’s what I’m sick of, and that’s why our country can’t get on the same page.  We can’t focus on the real issues in the country because not enough people are getting the stories that matter, and that’s because the “News Media” can’t stay focused and neutral anymore.  Too many people are paying to ensure that certain agendas are pushed, to ensure that messages are sent out to the masses, and that people don’t follow things that might have a negative impact to people behind the scenes who might be pulling those puppet strings.

Don’t believe me, just look at CNN, MSNBC, FOX, or any other “big” news media company out there.  If you pay close enough attention, and really do some research of your own, you’ll start to see how agenda pushing is more important than the stories that matter.

So to wrap it up, the 24-hour news cycle has allowed “news stories” that don’t have any real importance to creep into the center stage, and people are willing to publish anything that will get “click”, ya know, like a guy saying something that another guy feels is a dig at him, and is questionable on the whole racism thing, and then the media blows it up so we can continue to talk about segregation and focus on what a white guy says about a black guy, instead of identifying that in fact it was just what one guy said about another guy.  Race issues will go away when we decide to stop allowing other people to continue to focus on them, and simply make our own decisions, based on our own thoughts.


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