NFL Ball Hog

I was at a local bar watching Michigan and Loyola play in the Final 4 and enjoying the company of my brother, Chaos and a friend named Terry.  Terry is an interesting cat.  He is a hybrid Kramer and George Costanza with a little bit of old school rock n roll sprinkled in.  As we are watching the game and bullshitting we start talking NFL.  Odel Beckham aka ODB is a topic of conversation.  We start talking if the Rams should trade for him. Terry makes the comment “You don’t want ODB.  The guy is a ball hog.”

Now I am fairly knowledgeable in the NFL game but I never realized anyone other than the QB and maybe Center can be ball hogs as they touch the ball on every play.  Not only was Terry’s statement hilarious and out there but it got me thinking.  Can a non QB and Center be a ball hog?

A team’s game plan is scripted the week leading to a matchup.  It can get thrown in the trash in an instant or revised to cater to the flow of the game.  If a team is up they will feed the RB to kill clock.  If a team is down the QB can force feed his most trusted WR to keep the chains moving.  For some scenarios you need a ball hog aka someone you can rely on to score the winning TD or preserve the lead.  To answer the main question, yes someone can be a ball hog by design.


Now the other topic I want to touch on.  Is ODB worth two 1stround picks?

Pros and Cons

Pro:  If a team is 1 piece away or desperately needs a playmaker to open up the offense then yes it’s worth trading two picks that are not proven for a guy that is proven.  This guy can put an offense over the top on its way to a Super Bowl run, it will open up the running game and take pressure off your QB and defense.

Con:  The guy is a diva (What WR isn’t?) and a locker room cancer. He is a “me” first player and cares more about partying and himself than the team.  Plus you have to deal with the headache of signing him to a long term deal after you trade for him.  You could end up trading two 1strounders for a 1 year rental.  The guy could get a suspension after the video of the white powdery substance surfaced.  Plus, when was the last time a team with a top 5 WR won the super bowl?  You don’t need that to win.


If I am a team that has a veteran or strong locker room presence to keep ODB in check then yes I make the move.  If I have a young team and need those picks to build my future then no I do not make the move.  Teams that might consider trading for him:

New England                        Baltimore



-Nick from Cali

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