I mean are you all just done with the Colin Kaepernick talk? I am so much that I need to write another blog.  Ok these should be my final thoughts on this and for sure is my final blog because it’s just exhausting.  So Kaep was scheduled to meet with Seattle this past week for a workout.  Before the workout, he was asked if he would still kneel when the national anthem.  He answered yes and Seattle cancelled the visit.  Social media of course blows up.  Things being said like “This has nothing to do with his ability all with his political stance.”; “This is bullshit, holding someone down based on their beliefs.”; And of course, my favorite “What’s America coming to when freedom of speech gets me with this.”

I sat back and watched all this unfold; I do love me some keyboard courage.  People slaying their opinions from a one-sided battle field.  Oppression in their minds are at their finest.  I love the fact that Kaep feels so strongly about something.  So much that he is unwavering, that it has cost him time in a sport that he loves.  Love that he has created awareness around something that is so important to him and he is taking a stance.

NFL Teams have the right to not hire someone just like any other employer does for any reason.  Kaep has the right to take a knee, he has every right to draw that attention to any cause, the same right he has to do that allows NFL owners to do the same with their employees. Kaep hasn’t played a game since 2016.  He had a solid season, but he was an above average QB who hasn’t seen game action in over a year.  Who knows what kind of skillset he has right now.  He may be better than 10 starting quarterbacks right now and maybe 20 backups but why bring in someone who is going to take the focus away from winning a championship to constant questions of taking a knee.  “When will he start?”; that will be the next chapter.  If a team signs him then the talk will stop being about how horrible it is that a team won’t sign him and will be why isn’t the team that signed him starting him.  Keyboard courage will kick in and fans will start calling for him to start over whoever the current starter is.  Only QBs that might be exempt from this are Drew Brees, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.

So, with that being said if I am a NFL owner there is no way I sign him either.  It is so hard to win a title in any sport, so why would I take away from the focus on the field to anything happening off the field.  I think Kaep is doing all he can to make a lot of things better.  I support him for doing it, and admire his courage.  His dreams of playing in the NFL may be shattered but he may be doing something that has a bigger meaning.  Everyone on social needs to realize what the whole purpose looks like and maybe see what we can do to help him out with his cause.



2 thoughts on “Shattered”

  1. Haha it does seem to be a lost cause at this point. Saw a great article about Robert Kraft going and visiting Meek Mill in jail and how he really made a statement about how Meek got a raw deal about where he is. Yes OK maybe he did. The justice system is flawed, and Meek sits in jail for it. (although he DID break the law and that has consequences) CK believed the justice system is flowed too and took a risk and it likely cost him his career. He had a RIGHT to do what he did, and he is paying for it. If Robert Kraft REALLY wanted to make a statement, he”d sign Kaep as a backup to Brady in New England. Goes to show that a rich powerful white owner is allowed to make a statement about social issues in America, but a black player isn”t. Hmmmm custom written essays

  2. First off my bad for not hitting you back sooner. Thank you for the awesome post. That’s so true about Kraft. In this situation that would be the perfect thing to do. His relationship with the league has been soured over the years and the Meek situation could play right into that. But not looking that way. Thanks for checking us out and the great post!

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