Shock and Awe

By the time I am done with this, the tournament will be long over most likely, but still worth talking about.  I mean when Hollywood calls it out on a SOW Podcast that this will be the year that a 16 beats a 1, slightly in jest but still in the realm of possibility.  Here is the fucking cool thing, Wood was right!  I mean it has never happened so why in the hell did we think it would have happened at this tournament.  Well the dude is a damn prophet.  Check out what is about to happen, we will have either a 3 seed or a 11 seed in the final game, against a 1 seed and you know what, based on how the tournament is going I am betting on the 11 seed to get there. I mean why not it has just been that kind of year.


I have a few things that I am taking away from this, one is this is the best tournament in sports. The opening 4 days of this tournament is the best of anything that we ever see in sports and if a 11 seed beats a 1 seed to finish this fucking thing off then we will see one of the coolest things we have ever seen in sports.  Wood and I were there when Duke played Butler for the National Championship.  We had great seats and were right in line when Gordon Hayward launched a half court 3 that was inches away from going in and being the greatest shot in NCAA history.

My plea though goes out to NCAA football, stop screwing around with just the power conferences.  If the tournament this year has shown us anything it has shown us the power of the underdog.  Still to me, one of the greatest bowl games ever, Boise State beating the all-powerful Oklahoma Sooners and the statue of liberty play to win it.  Yes, Texas vs USC was awesome, and Clemson coming back on Alabama was epic, but give Boise state a shot at least every now and then.  Expand the field to 8 like it should be.  Leave at least 2 “at large” entries so we can get some small schools in there, and make some new memories happen and see where we land.


This is one of the greatest events we get to see, so why not try to get more of this.  We need the Yankees, Alabama, Lebron and the All Blacks, but just as important we need to see the little guys.  David vs Goliath, that’s how we come to know this.  Well what if I went all mind fuck on you right now.  We know Goliath to be this big badass that just destroyed all kinds of shit. What if Goliath was just a big slow ogre, that was strong but, uncoordinated, unskilled and had no guile.  David was small athletic and a trained assassin.  David was the favorite not Goliath.  Yes, we need more of this.


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