You Know You Want It…. Drugs in Sports

Don’t kid yourself, you may say all the right things.  Saying there is nothing better than “The Natural” is such a cool modest thought, and when we see someone like Ken Griffey Jr come along, it’s amazing.  Jerry West “Mr. Clutch” the heroics of the logo was amazing.  These players are few and far between though.  We want the exceptional all over the place.  Football players looking like super heroes and playing like it makes turning on the TV to any game something worth watching, even the Cleveland Browns play the New York Jets.  Other than having money on the game why else would we watch this game, well that and fantasy football anyway.


Allow me to take this down a different path, as the masters goes into day 3 there is a certain buzz around it more than we have seen in years.  Why? No, they still don’t allow women to be members of that illustrious, racist ass club.  No, it’s not because Jack Nicklaus’ son aced a hole in the par 3 tournament, it has everything to do with a Tiger.  Tiger woods shoots 2 eagles in his practice round.  Meaning he has a chance, so viewership is way up this year than in years of recent past.  How does this tie in to the opening thought?  We just don’t care about his character, at all.  He was banging everyone.  Applebee’s waitresses in his Escalade.  I mean seriously have you seen some of those waitresses?  Looks like they have a strict diet of Applebee’s food only.  He was at some girls house when his wife was trying to call him to tell him that his dad was in the hospital.  He promptly hit decline to her call the first 8 times.  He had one girl who was completely in love with Eldridge.  Of course, she thought he was in love with her because they had a lot of unprotected sex.  By that I also mean unprotected anal sex. Memo to the young lady with all these delusional thoughts.  Unprotected anal sex usually means anything but love.  It means Honey I can get you a job at Applebee’s, I have a hookup.  All this is just tip of the iceberg.  Masters buzz is real though because Tiger is one of the most dominant golfers, and personalities we have seen in sports in a generation.  We are just hoping to catch lightning in a bottle and see him have a 50-foot put that stops just long enough for us to see the Nike swoosh and then the ball fall in the hole… again.


So, the integrity of our athletes means very little to us, and yes, it’s unfortunate.  It’s something that you may as well just accept though.  You want another McGwire, Sosa home run race.  Bonds to hit 73 home runs, Lance Armstrong to win 10 more Tour De France titles, anyone besides Usane Bolt to dominate in track and field.  When we turn on the TV we want exceptional, we don’t want average.  Just accept it, embrace it and know it’s not going away anytime soon.  Ones that cheat are almost always ahead of the ones that regulate.


Just put them all that have the numbers in the hall of fame.  Owners, sportswriters and everyone knew about it, as fans we were glued to it so just know it was part of the culture and will continue to be.

I’m Out


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